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Result of the tender procedure
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Result of the tender procedure

Who are we ?

Widok na zakład produkcyjny w Gorzanowie
The view of the plant in Gorzanów


We are a Polish producer of natural mineral waters, flavored waters, functional drinks and traditional flavor beverages. We offer our products in PET bottles of 0.5 and 1.5 liters. We constantly develop our potential to be able to offer you high quality, safe, healthy, innovative and affordable products.


Why in Gorzanów ?


Gorzanów, located in the center of the Kłodzko Valley, is a village known for the extraordinary richness of natural mineral waters. What is significant is the perfect spa environment of Gorzanów: Polanica-Zdrój, Lądek-Zdrój, Duszniki-Zdrój, Kudowa-Zdrój. There are several water springs in the region of Gorzanów. The springs are artesian ones (the so-called artesian wells). They are rare in Poland, which for Gorzanów is a big advantage when it comes to the quality of the bottled water. There is no need to pump the water from the deposit, you just collect it through the natural pressure of more than 2 atmospheres, without spoiling the structure of the layer.


The State Committee for Scientific Research in Warsaw


„The Gorzanów deposit is also interesting in terms of resources. It is of the Artesian nature, and the water mirror stabilized around 28 m above the land surface. The average performance of all 11 water intakes is about 101 dm3/s. It is the largest aggregate performance of intakes among spa waters in Poland.”

Wojciech Ciężkowski, prof. PhD.
Barbara Kiełczawa, Dr.


In the 1970’s, thanks to the unique properties of Gorzanów waters, the construction of a huge (even as for a European scale) mineral water bottling plant was planned. This was to be a part of the Complex of Kłodzko Spas in Polanica-Zdrój. The economic crisis of the 1980’s dashed those plans.


When did we start ?


At the end of the 1980’s the owners of the current “Mineral” company were attracted to Gorzanów by its values and its waters. It was then where the construction of the plant started. The first bottles of mineral water called "Mineral" (glass bottles 0.33 L) left the production line in September 1990.



Podczas produkcji

During production

What are we proud of ? 


We offer high quality natural mineral waters extracted from the "Familijna" springs and "Sudety” springs. They are at a very affordable price, which – in our opinion – is of the high importance to our demanding customers for whom price and quality – are both vital.

We are proud that we were the first in the Polish market to introduce the so-called functional beverages. These are innovative products based on natural mineral water and herbal and plant extracts such as hibiscus, ginseng, aloe, yerba mate, green tea.