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Result of the tender procedure
Inquiry No. 1.5_3
Result of the tender procedure

1988 The registration of the company, starting of the investment: the construction of the mineral water plant (a „green field” project).
1990            Starting the production in the constructed plant. The main product was the mineral water "Mineral" in glass bottles with a capacity of 0.33 L. The technological line had the productivity of 3000 bottles per hour, and the water for the production came from borehole No. 5, whose name was later determined to "Familijna”.
1992-1993 The construction of a new production hall with a social facility. The installation of the production line for water and beverages in PET bottles of 0.5 L and 1.5 L - during this period this new type of packaging become very popular on the market.
1993-1995 The extension of the scale the company's operations - the purchase of additional land, the investment in buying own machines for the so-called PET bottle blowing.
1997 The implementation of the new artesian intake for mineral water (7M – presently „Sudety”).
1998 Obtaining the status of the Supported Employment Enterprise.
1999 Starting the cooperation with the big retail networks.
1999-2000 The construction of another production and warehouse hall, the purchase and installation of an automated processing line, the creation of 10 new job positions.
2001-2003 The company focuses its attention on the improvement of PET-packaged products – e.g. two modern labeling machines were purchased, which gave the opportunity to enter the market of products with foil label – also with a transparent foil label.
2003-2004 The implementation of the  product quality and safety HACCP system and quality management standards ISO 9001-2000.
2005 The realization of the project to introduce to the market innovative functional beverages: Mineral Beauty, Mineral Active, Mineral Balance.
2006 The implemented quality systems HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 were certified by TÜV NORD.
2006-2008 The replacement of the technological line with a modern line of high performance and high safety of the product (using the support of the European Union for innovative projects).
2008 The replacement of the bottle blowing machine, the implementation of a modern design of packages.
2009 In response to the growing market demand for products without added sugar and for non-preserved products, we introduced four so-called flavored waters with flavors of lemon, strawberry, apple and grapefruit - with no preservatives, no added sugar and no food colouring.