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Result of the tender procedure
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Result of the tender procedure

"Familijna" is natural mineral water containing 1000 mg of minerals per liter. It is available in bottles with a capacity of 1.5 L. Due to the degree of carbon dioxide content we offer you non-carbonated "Familijna", slightly carbonated one with the CO2 content of 1500-4000 mg and carbonated one with the CO2 content over 4000 mg.


"Familijna" is one of the cheapest real mineral waters on the market. We can offer you high quality water which is rich in minerals at such low price because when it comes to marketing we do not support the sale of the brand in any way.  The consumer does not pay for television advertising or billboards, loyalty programs and other factors which may  increase the price of the final product. The buyer of "Familijna" pays a low price for crystal clear, high-quality water, with a fair amount of minerals (1000 mg per liter).


It is an ideal product during economic crisis and after it, as customers looking for savings, change the shopping habits and start buying more wisely. They often find high quality products which are much cheaper than those which they were buying so far. We count, therefore, on a conscious customer, who guided by the composition of water and by the price, will choose "Familijna" and then share his observations with his colleagues.


Do you know how much of minerals per liter there are in water that you regularly drink? Familijna has 1000 mg.

Familijna niegazowana Familijna lekko gazowana Familijna gazowana